Video Demos

WebQuest Surfer makes it easy to save categories of web pages and simplifies the simultaneous searching of pages. There are a set of pre-defined categories and more categories can be added easily. You can also customize the existing categories. It’s a great time saver to be able to search multiple sites at once without having to search each separately.

Updated video showing version 1.4/1.5 (in review with Apple) adding a new EBooks category and populating it with Kindle, Nook and Google Play search pages.

New videos with audio demonstrating how to use Web Quest Surfer.

Shows how to switch categories, search for a book and save the results of the search as a new category.

Search for the DVD category, then check the new DVDs out this week and search for reviews on a couple of them.

Add a new web site to the Mexico Travel category and make it searchable with the search keyword, “ziggy”. This keyword can be set to whatever you like in the Preferences, so long as it’s fairly unique and not commonly found in most website URLs. When the new web site is added, note that the dialog to save it comes up automatically after the keyword search for “ziggy” is started.

Demonstrates the Advanced view and how to drag and drop the order that web sites appear in the Mexico Travel category. Next, the Budget Travel web site is removed from the category. After that the Travel and Leisure web site is added to the category using the Advanced View.