Search Examples

Web Quest Surfer is used for searching multiple websites at the same time. So for example if you click the globe icon at the top and then select the palm tree (or View Menu -> Categories, Command-E) to see the tree of categories, you can type Science in the bottom search field (below the tree), then when the Science websites load type in Global Warming in the search field at the top. It will search all of the searchable sites in the category for global warming.  You can then click the Save button to save this search as a new category if you want to keep it readily accessible for future reference.

You can also go to DVD category, in the first tab (Rotten Tomatoes) right click a dvd and search in category, and you’ll see the IMDB site will be searched for the same movie. Or select a word on a site and press Command-Enter to do the search in category.

Another example is Shopping (this one I use a lot). Find the Electronics category and search for iPad 2 – and you get a quick price comparison across all of the sites.

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