Version 1.2 Available Now

Web Quest Surfer Version 1.2

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
  • Adding a website to a category does not reload the category
  • Improved auto add website when searching for special search word
  • Handles https websites correctly when adding to a category
  • Popup window address bar is sometimes too long and overlaps the button to the right
  • Save category where there is a new website not in category should not prompt to add site to new category
  • Sometimes searching for the special search word does not cause the dialog to automatically appear to add the website to the category
  • Default to Category view the first time the app is launched
  • Improved validation of application support directory

Try the Lite App

Web Quest Surfer Lite is on the Mac App Store here.

This app is free and has all the features of the regular app except that changes to the categories and websites are not saved when the app is restarted. Please try it out and if you like it upgrade to the regular app here.

Search Examples

Web Quest Surfer is used for searching multiple websites at the same time. So for example if you click the globe icon at the top and then select the palm tree (or View Menu -> Categories, Command-E) to see the tree of categories, you can type Science in the bottom search field (below the tree), then when the Science websites load type in Global Warming in the search field at the top. It will search all of the searchable sites in the category for global warming.  You can then click the Save button to save this search as a new category if you want to keep it readily accessible for future reference.

You can also go to DVD category, in the first tab (Rotten Tomatoes) right click a dvd and search in category, and you’ll see the IMDB site will be searched for the same movie. Or select a word on a site and press Command-Enter to do the search in category.

Another example is Shopping (this one I use a lot). Find the Electronics category and search for iPad 2 – and you get a quick price comparison across all of the sites.

Tips for First Time Use

Once you install Web Quest Surfer, it will be preloaded with a set of categories and will open up on the Welcome category. In the Welcome category you will see my website on one tab and the help for the app on the second tab.

The upper left popup button has the list of most recently visited categories, so initially, you will need to click the globe icon just to the right and select the category tree view (Palm Tree icon). Then you can click on some of the pre-defined categories. Good Examples are the General category underneath Books, and the DVD category underneath Movies (as seen in the screenshots in the Mac App Store for my app). From these categories, you can type in something to search for at the top or right click on something in one of the tabs and tell it to search all sites in the category.

Websites may be either set up with static URLs or searchable URLs, so only the searchable sites will kick off a search when you tell it to look for something.

Searching Multiple Web Sites

WebQuest Surfer makes it easy to save categories of web pages and simplifies the simultaneous searching of pages. A category can contain several web pages that apply to the category. For example, you can search for books in your book category by typing in the book in the search field and all the searchable sites in the category will be automatically searched. In the following screenshot, a search for a Clive Cussler book has been done and then the search results are saved as a new category for quick reference.

There are a set of pre-defined categories and more categories can be added easily. You can also customize the existing categories. It’s a great time saver to be able to search multiple sites at once without having to search each separately.