Enhanced Web Experience!

Web Quest Surfer makes it easy to store your favorite sets of web pages and do rapid searching when you are shopping online!Only $0.99 for Mac, iPhone or iPad. They are all custom built for each platform to utilize the space in the most effective way. New videos coming that show the latest version on the Mac and how to fully utilize the app to make it easy to save your favorite pages and do quick product searches!

iPhone Version Submitted

The iPhone version of Web Quest Surferhas been submitted to the iTunes Store!  The iPad version and the updated Mac version of the app are also still waiting for review.  I will post back here once they hit the stores.

Screenshot from the iPhone version:

iPad App Submitted to Apple

Will let everyone know here once it is accepted and posted to the iTunes Store!

The new app will run on iPad 1, 2 or 3.  With version 1.5 of Web Quest Surfer™  (also submitted to Apple) and the iPad app, categories and websites automatically synchronize between the ipad and Mac if you have the same cloud account enabled on each.

Web Quest Surfer™ Version 1.4

Web Quest Surfer™ Version 1.4 is on the Mac App Store.

UI improvements including Category icons and Usability changes to make the app much easier to use.  Quick search for category, and super-fast Control-Click search to create a searchable site!  Plus many other improvements!  Category sharing is now implemented as well.  Share categories with other users through webquestsurfer.com all integrated into the app!  Just select Category Sharing from the Category popup button!